SCOTCH & SODAPaid media design and production




2021 — 2023


Motion Graphics
Video Editing
Digital production
Layout localisation

Design, motion graphic & digital production for paid media assets on monthly basis.

Octagram designed and produced static and motion graphic assets for the paid media campaigns of the Scotch & Soda, refreshed on a monthly basis. The production included asset localisation for six markets.

⸺ Layout localisation

Layout localisation refers to the process of translating the assets to various languages, using the translations provided by the client or produced by Octagram.

⸺ Motion graphics

Motion graphics or motion design, is the process of creating visual elements that convey motion or change. It uses a variety of animation techniques to bring static images and text to life.

⸺ Digital production

Digital production refers to the process of generating multiple assets based on a master creative/visual, by adapting it to different layout formats and/or localising/translating the copy for various countries & regions.