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Generative AI will fundamentally change digital and e-commerce asset production along with all other aspects of content generation.

At Octagram, we have always strived to stay at the forefront of digital production technologies in order to meet the highest expectations coming from our clients, which are some of the most renowned brands in the world.

Since the inception of generative AI, we have continuously experimented with different tools and platforms to understand the current capabilities and potential applications in the e-commerce space, production of digital assets, and alteration of product shots.

The examples showcased above were generated in early 2023. Therefore, they should be taken with a grain of salt at the moment of reading this text. For sure, the generative AI models will have evolved extremely fast, and the images included on this page will most probably be outdated at the time of reading this page.

We believe that generative AI will have a huge impact on generating e-commerce photography as well as expand the creative capabilities of all designers.

In the gallery you’ll find examples of:

  1. Images of existing products placed in an AI-generated context:
    – The car image is an accurate 3D representation of the real vehicle and it’s placed in AI-generated landscapes (with or without a driver).
    – The red dress is a real life product image placed on an AI-generated model and background.
  2. Images entirely generated by AI:
    – The Nike Air Jordan 1 shoes (early experiment controlling colours, shoe position, and background – controllability might improved significantly since oru experiment).
    – A wine bottle and glass with an AI- altered label and logo design.
    – A room setting with a couch.

Though these examples are not spectacular, our aim was not to generate the most realistic images, but to identify applicable ways of applying the power of generative AI to real-life product photography and the e-commerce space.

DISCLAIMER: We are aware that generative AI models have been trained on a vast amount of data, some of which might be copyrighted. The images displayed here are either real products or AI-generated. The products, shapes, and symbols depicted in these images resemble or may be indistinguishable from real products. The copyrights for these elements belong to their legal owners, and the images are intended for illustrative purposes only.

⸺ Layout localisation

Layout localisation refers to the process of translating the assets to various languages, using the translations provided by the client or produced by Octagram.

⸺ Motion graphics

Motion graphics or motion design, is the process of creating visual elements that convey motion or change. It uses a variety of animation techniques to bring static images and text to life.

⸺ Digital production

Digital production refers to the process of generating multiple assets based on a master creative/visual, by adapting it to different layout formats and/or localising/translating the copy for various countries & regions.