NikonCommercial Emails Redesign






UI/UX & Web
Technical documentation

Redesign and standardisation of Nikon Imaging commercial communication emails.

In 2019 we partnered with Beata Linz (Kis) ( and Nikon to redesign the email templates in order to establish consistency across all Nikon entities and locales. The objective was to create a premium and simple Email design per Nikon’s brand guidelines while advocating Email best practices.

  • template design
  • set of guidelines to be used by Nikon employees
  • HTML implementation.

⸺ Design

Digital production refers to the process of generating multiple assets based on a master creative/visual, by adapting it to different layout formats and/or localising/translating the copy for various countries & regions.

⸺ Technical Documentation

Technical documentation refers to a setup of guidelines that offers context on design decisions as well as clear instructions on how to apply the design system to future projects.

⸺ Email development

Email development or email coding refers to the process of creating and manipulating the content of an email message using HTML, CSS.