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Digital media production
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Custom illustrations and lettering for organic cosmetics e-commerce store

MyOrganic is an e-commerce store specialised in organic beauty products for which we created a visual identity and developed the e-commerce website.
We also created hand drawn illustrations to in order to explain rewards program of the store: how users can accumulate points by performing various actions (creating an account, placing an order with value above a certain threshold, reviewing purchased products etc.) and how they can spend at check-out the points accumulated in their account for future orders.

Part of the long term collaboration we produced various pieces of digital content, ranging from banners, landing pages, iconography, cards etc.
In the above example the Christmas card includes custom lettering digitally hand drawn.

⸺ Illustration

Digital illustration refers to the creation of visual artwork using digital tools and technologies instead of traditional mediums like paint, pencils, or charcoal.

⸺ Lettering Design

Lettering design or hand lettering is the process of drawing individual letters to create words, phrases, or even typographic compositions.

⸺ Digital media production

Digital production refers to the process of generating multiple assets based on a master creative/visual, by adapting it to different layout formats and/or localising/translating the copy for various countries & regions.