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UI/UX & Web Design
Wordpress Development

UI/UX design and Wordpress development for a luxury hotel in Amsterdam.

De L’Europe Amsterdam is the oldest independent luxury hotel in Amsterdam and probably among the oldest hotels in the world.
We designed the new website following the guidelines provided by Hotel De L’Europe, classic in style with a timeless quality, meant to appeal to an audience in search of subtle one-of-a-kind elegance.
The website is discrete, yet authentic, building on the concept of Dutch Light: warm and contrasted, layered and vivid.

Beyond a front-end visual refresh, the client requested a more user-friendly back-end experience and the freedom to build new pages by reusing existing blocks/sections present in other pages.
We achieved this by implementing a design system based on WordPress Gutenberg blocks, enabling content page creation with pre-built components using a drag and drop interface.

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UI/UX stands for User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). It is the process of designing digital products, such as websites, apps, and software, to be easy to use and enjoyable for users.

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WordPress development refers to the process of creating custom themes that define the website's visual appearance and layout on the Wordpress open-source content management system (CMS).