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We help brands create engaging digital content and build remarkable websites since 2011.

A trusted partner of:

Brand Identity Development
Art Direction
Visual Design (still & interactive)
Video post-production
Animations & Illustrations
Content Translation & localisation
Asset production & localisation
3D modelling & rendering

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User Interface & Experience Design
Wireframing & prototyping
Front-end development
Wordpress development
WooCommerce development
Custom web development
Web & CMS support

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Technological & creative explorations
Image/video/audio AI generation
Digital production automation

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Creative portfolio

Nike Basketball ad creative

Nike commissioned Octagram to design a print ad to mark Giannis Antetokounmpo recent win in 2021, the NBA title and…

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Multiple exposer effect, Giannis Antetokounmpo jumping for Nike print add
Hotel De L'Europe website on iPad

De L’Europe Amsterdam – UI/UX & Web Development

De L’Europe Amsterdam is the oldest independent luxury hotel in Amsterdam and probably among the oldest hotels in the…

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SCOTCH & SODA paid media production

Design, motion graphics & digital production for Scotch&Soda paid media assets.

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Scotch & Soda paid media banner

News & Blog

Generating hybrid images – real products in AI generated scenes

We aimed to understand how the use of generative AI could replace part of the conventional process of producing imagery…

Exploring E-commerce Asset Production with Generative AI

We push the boundaries of e-commerce asset production with Generative AI, collaborating with world-renowned brands like…

Generative AI – overcoming randomness in Midjourney

Recent A.I. developments have had a significant impact on the creative and digital production industry. At Octagram, we…

Ranked Top Web Design Agency in Romania in 2022

Octagram was ranked top web design agency in Romania in an independent/unsponsored top realised by The Manifest.

10 year anniversary of Octagram

Today we mark the 10 year anniversary of Octagram. It's been 10 amazing, a decade in which we had the chance to work…

Octagram included in top 50 web agencies worldwide

Octagram is once again mentioned among the top 50 web agencies worldwide by the Agency Spotter report which evaluates…


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