Recent A.I. developments have had a significant impact on the creative and digital production industry. At Octagram, we want to understand the current capabilities and limitations of generative AI tools.

We used Midjourney because it might be the most advanced generative AI for static images to date (April 2023). We chose a simple task to test if we can bypass randomness.

We uploaded Octagram’s logo and referenced it in various prompts. First results were nowhere close to what we were looking for.

Strangely, a very simple prompt returned results closer to our objective, but trying to turn V4 into more complex shapes didn’t go well.

After a long series of unsuccessful prompts, we asked Midjourney to “/describe” the shape that we liked and used the second description for the next prompt.

Getting “there”: using the description provided by Midjourney, we tried referencing the style of the famous sculptor Constantin Brâncuși, who started his art studies in our city (Craiova).

We tried multiple prompt variations, and the results were a mix of similar styling with new interpretations of the octagon shape.


CONCLUSIONS (relevant at present moment, April 2023):

  • Midjourney is incredibly good at generating photo realistic or stylised images, but at the moment there is no control over results. Even the exact same prompt and seed reference will generate different results. This is expected to change quickly.
  • AI will completely redefine our creative process and creating a synergy with AI should exponentially grow our creativity and productivity.
  • The emergence of AI raises various ethical and safety concerns that governments should address promptly.