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Generative AI: A Game-Changer for E-commerce

Generative AI (GAI) is poised to revolutionise the creation of digital assets for e-commerce. This powerful technology has the potential to transform every aspect of content generation, streamlining workflows and boosting creative possibilities.

Leading the Way in GAI Experimentation

We’ve been at the forefront of GAI exploration since its inception. Our continous experimentation involves:

  • Evaluating leading GAI tools and platforms
  • Identifying current capabilities and future applications
  • Applying GAI for e-commerce asset production
  • Testing GAI’s ability to enhance product shots and alter existing imagery

Showcasing Early GAI Applications (Examples Included)

The early 2023 examples included in this GAI experimental project, serve as a glimpse into the immense potential of GAI. Keep in mind that GAI models are rapidly evolving, and these examples will be probably be outdated at the time of reading this article.

The examples included the project showcase various applications

  • AI-Generated Product Context:
    • A 3D-generated car placed in diverse AI-created landscapes (with/without a driver).
    • A real red dress image integrated onto an AI-generated model and background.
  • Fully AI-Generated Images:
    • Nike Air Jordan 1 shoes (early experiment controlling color, shoe position, and background – controllability has improved significantly).
    • A wine bottle and glass with an AI-altered label and logo design.
    • A fully furnished room featuring a couch.

See all experimental examples here.

Beyond Realism: Unlocking GAI’s Power

While these initial examples may not be photorealistic masterpieces, their purpose lies in demonstrating practical GAI applications for real-world product photography and e-commerce. Our focus is on identifying effective ways to leverage GAI and integrate it seamlessly into existing workflows.

The Future of E-commerce is AI-Powered

At Octagram, we firmly believe that generative AI will significantly impact e-commerce photography and asset production. This technology has the potential to not only enhance efficiency, lower production costs, but also unlock new creative avenues for e-commerce businesses.

Stay Tuned for Ongoing Innovation

As GAI evolves at an unprecedented pace, we remain will continue our exploration and will be pushing the boundaries of this transformative technology.