The city of Breda in association with Positive Drive app created an interesting way of reducing traffic on Wilhelminasingel during rush hour by rewarding frequent drivers if they choose to avoid this route.

OCTAGRAM developed the back-end and database integration for website which allowed drivers to calculate their potential reward in EUR and subscribe for the campaign.

Between April 11 and June 10th 2016 cameras on Wilhelminasingel recorded the license plates of passing vehicles during morning and evening rush hour. The gathered data was used to determine high potential target groups, the license plates were used to invite people to participate in the project 076 op weg .

Owners of recorded vehicles that where selected received an invitation to participate in the 076 op weg initiative by downloading the Positive Drive app and entering a special campaign code. The letter also contained the amount of money they could earn by participating.

Drivers who didn’t receive an invitation (for instance drivers of lease cars) can check if they are eligible to participate by filling their number plate and zip code on website. If the number plate is found in the database and zip code is correct, the website will calculate the amount the driver could earn by participating and not driving on Wilhelminasingel. The user has the possibility to register immediately for the campaign. The campaign was advertised on billboards alongside the Wilhelminasingel.