Octagram has been once more mentioned as one of the top web design agencies worldwide by Agency Spotter, ranked #26.

Though we never take these rankings very serious, it feels nike to see Octagram’s mentioned again and we believe it’s the result of our continuous dedication to offer quality services.

Like all in all other previous mentions, this report was not sponsored by our agency, nor are we in any way affiliated to Agency Spotter with the exception of listing our agency profile on the platform.

According to Agency Spotter, the top web design agencies quarterly report evaluates more than 1,500 web design agencies based on a proprietary research methodology. The report takes a broad look at web design and development agencies from around the world. While many of the agencies may focus on marketing, the top web design agencies in this report all have design as a core capability and many also lead in-house web development too.

We are not chasing recognition we just want our clients to be confident that they will always receive excellent services. 🙂