Ranked #1 Web Design Agency in Romania in 2022

June 3, 2022

Octagram ranked #1 Web Design Agency in Romania in 2022 in The Manifest’s annual Top 100 ranking of web design agencies.

The Manifest is a business news and how-to website that compiles and analyses practical business wisdom for entrepreneurs and small and mid-market businesses.

Though some rankings can be influenced by sponsorships or other type of affiliation, it is refreshing to see that Octagram ranked #1 Web Design Agency in Romania in an independent top.

That being said, we cannot guarantee for the ranking methodology nor its accuracy, so please take it more as a recognition than an absolute ranking. 😉
Since we were ranked number one without any sponsorship we tend to believe this “Top web design agencies in Romania” is not money driven and it seems to be based on Clutch reviews which are collected and verified independently.

Octagram has became on of the most reputable digital production and web development agency in Romania and Eastern Europe by working on thousands of projects with global brands as well as start-ups and SME’s across the globe.

Our portfolio of clients includes the European or Global entities of Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Scotch&Soda, Nikon Imaging, ASICS, Schneider Electric and ING. The long term partnerships we have established with our clients are a confirmation of the high quality work and reliability that we provide.

The reviews collected and independently verified by Clutch.co confirm that our clients are happy with the work we deliver and we will continue to strive for that.

Scotch & Soda's review of Octagram
Scotch & Soda review of Octagram’s services – ongoing partnership.